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Untitled, 2017, Video, 02:20:00

Still from video

A video camera is positioned in a dark room, facing a drywall that blocks a window. A figure starts to perforate the drywall, slowly letting in light which allows the camera to focus. The holes are punctured in a form that seems random at first, reminiscent of a stellar system. Gradually, the word "welcome" in mirror image is revealed. After the perforation process is finished, the video camera keeps recording while the sun sets and the word disappears.

דיפ טיך1.png

Deep-Tych, 2016, Video, 02:40

Still from video


Untitled, 2017, Video, Loop

Still from video

איחוי זמני.png

Temporary mending, 2016, Video, Loop

Still from video

The eyewash station at the print

workshop is turned on and the water is running. The sound alternates between the sounds of a babbling creek and a draining house sink.

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